New food app releases this week: How to be a saucy chef

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Food-related apps released this week include programs that allow foodies to preserve their favorite restaurant experiences, sauce things up in the kitchen and become a domestic doyenne, à la Martha Stewart. Here's a roundup of the latest.


For the foodie who likes to archive their memorable dining experience, the YummyDiary allows users to record their meal on their phone. The app provides features that map the location of the restaurant and photograph your meal. You can also record details like hours, contact info, price, parking, popular dishes and make notes about the experience. Available in English and Korean.



It's like your own personal wine list. For those who like to catalogue their favorite vintages, this app allows users to photograph labels and archive them on their phone. Launch the type of wine - red, white, rosé - take a photo and add the appellation, classification, grapes, vintage etc.  You can also share your virtual wine collection with friends by sending a snapshot to their phones. If they also have Bacchus, your file will be imported to their collection.

Languages: English, French, Spanish, Swedish



It's like a culinary encyclopedia for all things saucy. This app, from Buenavista Studio, has 49 recipes for sauces and stocks, 12 recipes for flavored butters and vinegars, and a kitchen glossary with more than 400 technical terms. Recipes range from old school classics like Béchamel, Béarnaise, Hollandaise and gravy, to golden curries and vanilla and cardamom vinegars.


Egg Dyeing 101 from Martha Stewart Living

This app is for the hardcore Easter bunny who plans on hosting a spring egg-stravaganza. The gallery has 101 Martha Stewart-esque egg designs - flowery, lacy, monogrammed, and speckled - along with step-by-step guides on how to reproduce them. It also teaches you how to blow out the eggs so that they can be preserved year after year.


Bread Cooking Recipes

Though billed as a bread baking app, the roster of recipes is a bit confusing as it includes things like fruit flan, carbonara recipes and eggplant parmigiana, presumably for the base or stuffing mixtures. Nonetheless, the app also features recipes for traditional favorites like banana raisin bread, pumpkin bread and bread pudding.