Three new food products were introduced this week including a new Bacardi drink, an odd flavored coffee combination and a new variety of a tiny protein-packed legume.

Cocktail in a bottle: Bacardi Mojito Classic, Bacardi Mojito Raspberry
Bacardi is the latest in a line of alcohol companies to find a way to bottle their brand with a trendy or classic cocktail. The new Mojito Classic combines Bacardi superior rum with mint and lime and the Bacardi Mojito Raspberry is the same classic mix with raspberry added. Bacardi also offers some fruit twists on the classic with simple recipes by just adding mango, strawberry or grapefruit juices. Perhaps the simplicity will bring about inventive culinary dishes like the mojito flambé shrimp or mojito rum cake. A 1.75L can retail from $19.99 (€14.75) and up.

Black fat fuel: Boca Java's Maple Bacon Morning

It is now possible to drink black gold and get a fat and sweet breakfast all in one sip. Boca Java, an artisan roasted coffee company, is known for their wild combinations, including: Bananas Foster Float (banana, cinnamon, brandy and brown sugar), Chocolate Cherry Celebration and many more. 8oz bag of coffee whole beans or universal grind costs $7.49 (€5.50)

Meet Essex, a new lentil
It's unclear what is wrong with the current thirteen varietals that are widely recognized by their color and size including Big Mexican yellow lentils, French green, petite crimson and black/Beluga but the United States has a new lentil ready for the market called ‘Essex' announced Agricultural Research Service (ARS) scientists this week. The Essex is described as green lentil with a yellow center to be grown in the Pacific Northwest initially for Mexican and Latin American markets by 2011. Maybe the lentil will be incorporated into Mexican classic dishes to create the lentil mole or lentil tamales. More information can be found in the next edition of Journal of Plant Registrations, a triquarterly botany journal.