New web comedy pokes fun at foodie elite

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All it takes is a Neanderthal food eater with a palate for fast-food to infiltrate a foodie's exclusive dinner club and flip his world upside down.

"I'm not like you. I like McNuggets...with barbecue sauce," says the interloper in the new web series Foodies. "I watch football. The American kind, in a non-ironic way."

Written and directed by Japhy Grant, the comedic web series, based in Los Angeles, pokes fun at the world of smug, elitist foodies whose passion for gastronomy spills over into their personal lives.

Centered around a love triangle between Danny Domenica (Daniel Franzese) a pretentious, bow-tied food blogger, his ex-girlfriend and her McDonald's-loving fiancé, the series follows the kitchen trials and social tribulations of five LA hipsters.

The trailer promises a plethora of pithy gastronomic one-liners. Romantic intentions are measured through puff pastries: "She's still into me. Cheese puffs prove it." And artistic genius is expressed through culinary prowess: "Be honest with me: am I being too David Chang?" asks a bespectacled hipster. "No, it's an homage, not a copy," goes the deadpan reply.

The series, which begins March 9, stars Daniel Franzese ( Mean Girls), Jeffery Self ( 30 Rock, 90210), Sean Hankinson ( Prom Queen), Carlee Avers ( Veronica Mars) and Anne Lane ( Dorm Life).

Gathering foodies around a dinner table and producing a series around it is also the premise behind the British show, Come Dine With Me. The comedy in this reality TV series, however, is unscripted.

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