Alcohol: Who do they drink they are?


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What does a tipple say about its drinker? People are often guilty of making assumptions about people based on their beverage of choice, but what about the prosecutors of two men in Cameroon who have served a year in prison for homosexuality because their "guilt" was "proved" by the fact that they were drinking Baileys in a bar? At least my prejudices about drinks, listed below, aren't homophobic or likely to land anyone in prison.

If you drink...

Advocaat you're a nanna who doesn't imbibe except for a bi-annual snowball

Aftershock you or a friend have a semi-convincing fake ID and are likely to have a stomach pump in the near future

Aperol/Campari you are either a) a metropolitan hipster, b) have taste buds that don't recognise what bitterness is, or c) Italian

Gin and slim you're trying to keep the skinny-jean dream alive

Snakebite black you're a goth. Cheer up

Pinot Grigio you really like the idea – and effects – of wine but not the taste (er, me...)