America: land of the (not very nice) cheese


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It's fair to say that America is not a nation known for its cheeses. There's Monterey Jack, cheese slices and, erm, Easy Cheese, which comes in an aerosol can. But there's a new grand fromage that is tickling the nation's taste buds: Pepper Jack, cheese with little bits of spicy jalapeño pepper.

US sales of the stuff in fast-food products are up 56 per cent in four years, according to the market researcher Datassential. But what about British cheese fans? Fear not, you can find its kind here, called Tex Mex or Mexicana. Ilchester's sliced version, bought from Tesco, illicited the following comments during a taste test: "That tastes like a Dorito. That fell under the sofa at a really good party. Three years ago."

"There's a lot going on there!"


"It smells. But I'm going to have some more." I think Stilton's crown is safe for now.