The largest crisp packet in the world


A Cambridgeshire crisp maker has smashed the world record for the heaviest bag of crisps, filling a packet almost double the weight of the previous record.

Ely-based Corkers Crisps filled the giant packet, measuring 760cm by 380cm, with one tonne of sea salt flavoured crisps. Almost two million crisps were used, the equivalent of around 28,000 individual packets worth.

The packet dwarfs the previous record holder, a Japanese crisp manufacturer, whose efforts weighed half a tonne.

In order to qualify for the Guinness world record, the crisps all had to be fried in one batch.

Co-founder Rod Garnham told the Cambridge News: “Smashing the Guinness World Record is an amazing feeling but it was extremely hard work.

“Around eight of us worked through the night cooking the fresh sea salt flavoured crisps at our factory and filling the bag.”

Corkers is no stranger to publicity stunts. Last year Garnham and co-founder Ross Taylor sent a packet of their crisps into space.

“We just wanted to do something bigger and better this year, which we succeeded in doing,” said Garnham.

The world record was officially verified today and Garnham and Taylor hope to be able to auction the mammoth bag off for charity.