The price of an avocado is set to rise by up to 25% /

High demand for avocado in Britain has led to Peru increasing exports of the product to the UK by 58% in the past year.

Britain’s avocado coulovers are facing a significant increase in the cost of their favourite salad food because the so-called superfood is becoming too popular.

High demand from health-conscious consumers has led Peru to triple its avocado exports since 2010, with exports to the UK up 58% over the past year. 

According to The Grocer, suppliers of avocados have said sales in the UK are up by as much as 25% this year. Sandra Kajda, category buyer for Reynolds, told the magazine demand was growing across the EU, US and Australia, as avocados became “more of a mainstream product.” 

Kajda also said the price of the avocado could be hit by adverse weather conditions: Mediterranean producers expect production to plummet by 30% this year. She also pointed to the diversion of South American supply, warning that Peru’s recent access to the Chinese market could hike prices even further. 

Yet Jamie Cardenas, director of the Peruvian trade office in London, said avocado growers had invested heavily in expanding supply.

“This is one of the reasons behind the strong efforts that are being made in selected markets like the UK, Europe and China.”