Justin Esch and Dave Lefkow multi-purpose condiment, Baconnaise


Everything tastes better with bacon. Or so goes a flawed bit of mid-Noughties American wisdom.

What started out as a breakfast food has grown into something different in recent years. It's become some sort of all-purpose, all-dominating flavour – it could even be about to invade television screens thanks to US bacon entrepreneurs Justin Esch and Dave Lefkow (the geniuses behind such products as BaconSalt, and Baconnaise) who are rumoured to be making a reality television show based on their pork-peddling business.

Until then, you can take on bacon in other unusual forms. How a bottle of bacon vodka? Or why not nibble on some bacon chocolate (on sale at firebox.com) as we wait for our beef burger to cook so we can smear Eat 17 bacon jam on it?

Sound a bit heavy on the teeth, as well as the digestion? Don't worry, you can clean them with Mr Bacon's (you guessed it) bacon toothpaste.