The case requires at least two people to carry / Austin Beerworks

Austin brewery invents the seven-foot crate

Because a six-pack of beers just won't cut it, Austin Beerworks has decided to sell its new Peacemaker Anytime Ale in a 99-pack.

While it sadly falls short of '100 beers. Exactly. Exactly 100 beers.', the droolworthy pack is still pretty sizable, measuring seven feet in length and housing 1,188 ounces of beer, about the equivalent of a keg.

It takes at least two people to carry and presents a challenge when trying to load it into a car, but was designed to show how the brewery's new extra pale ale is truly an everyday beer.

Inundated with requests over where they could buy one, Austin Beerworks confirmed on Twitter that the mega-crate is a joke – but a real one.

While it won't ever reach a mass market, several 99-packs have already been made and the brewery has plans to make more.

"Initially we didn't even think retailers would be excited about it, but they are. We are kind of caught with our pants down," co-founder Michael Graham told the Austin Business Journal.

"We really only have 20 [of the] 99 packs available at the moment."

beers 2.JPG

The first 20 cases will be distributed to local retailers on Thursday and their locations revealed on the brewery's social media accounts.

"It'll be first come, first serve," Graham added.