Ben & Jerry's eyes weed-infused ice cream so you can truly get Half Baked

'Makes sense to me' said co-founder

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Ben and Jerry of Ben & Jerry's have declared themselves up for producing cannabis-infused ice cream once use of the drug is completely legal.

The possibility of killing two birds with one stone, or rather getting two birds stoned with one stone, was raised by a viewer during a a HuffPost Live interview with co-founder Ben Cohen.

"Makes sense to me," he said in response to the suggestion.

Jerry Greenfield wasn't completely on board with the idea – marijuana would presumably need to be fully legalised in every state/territory in which the company sells first to make it worth their while – though he said that he and his co-founder "have had previous experiences with substances."

Weed ice cream does already exist, with Cannabis Creamery in California serving it up to people with medicinal marijuana prescriptions.

Colorado has made vast tax revenue from legalisation and big food companies surely will want to cash in at some point. Today, reports are circulating that KFC will sell weed alongside its fried chicken in Colorado restaurants, though they are most likely false.