Disturbing reports of a Tokyo restaurant that you won't be reading about in Michelin's recently published first guide to the Japanese capital have surfaced. An underground members-only restaurant in the Roppongi district is apparently providing a unique dining experience for the ridiculously rich and extremely twisted.

According to Mainichi Daily News, the unnamed establishment offers its customers the opportunity to know, in the biblical sense, the animal of their choice before it's cooked. The words "I fancy the chicken... is that OK with you?" take on a whole new meaning.

Infinitely more wholesome and much closer to home is the opening of Water House in Hoxton, the latest eco-friendly joint to grace London. It's the work of Jamie Grainger-Smith and Arthur Potts Dawson, the duo behind the successful – and similarly sustainable, animal welfare-friendly and carbon footprint-concerned – Acorn House in King's Cross.