Coffee in Glasgow stronger than Italy and Spain

Coffees in the Scottish city can contain 100mg of caffeine more than those in Pamplona, Spain

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The coffee baristas concoct in Glasgow is stronger than brews served in Italy and Spain, according to researchers who warn the difference may have implications for people attempting to control their caffeine intake.

The study suggests that a person cannot rely on counting the number of cups of coffee they drink to keep their caffeine intake in check.

While coffee can stave off tiredness and some symptoms of disease, it can also cause negative side effects including feelings of anxiety. Pregnant women are advised not to consume more than 200mg of caffeine per day.

Building on a previous study which gathered evidence of caffeine levels in coffee in the Scottish city, researchers at the University of Glasgow teamed up with scientists in Parma, Italy, and Pamplona, Spain, to test the strength of over 100 espressos. Some cappuccinos and instant coffees were also tested, BBC News reported.

In a study published in the journal Food and Function, researchers argued that coffee served in Scotland was stronger because shop owner used more heavily-roast beans, and gave customers larger servings.

The amount of caffeine in a Glaswegian espresso ranged from 72mg to 212mg, while a cup in Italy was between 73mg and 135mg, and 97mg and 127mg in Spain. This is compared to 40mg of caffeine in an average black filter coffee, according to the Guardian.

Scottish cappuccinos were even stronger – containing between 101mg to 275mg of caffeine per cup.

Considering their findings, researchers have recommended that customer should be provided with “readily available information on bean variety and caffeine levels”.