Djokovic sends donkey cheese market wonky


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Donkey-milk cheese is not thought to have many fans. But the few it does have are likely to be sadder than Eeyore to discover that all of next year's output has been bought by Novak Djokovic.

The world's No 1 tennis player bought the world's most expensive cheese (around £400 a lb) from a farm in Zasavica in his native Serbia. The farm, where 130 animals are milked three times a day by hand, is though to be the only place to make the Pule cheese, and Djokovic wants to stock it at a chain of restaurants he plans to open.

It remains to be seen whether the news will spark a spate of other donkey farmers hoping to cash in. But those of you feeling like an ass for not trying any Pule earlier, should note that the Zasavica farm is also selling both bottled donkey milk and donkey-milk soap...