Edible packaging: Here’s a wrap to go with your burger


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Ever been so hungry you can’t unwrap your food quickly enough? You’ll be pleased to know the days of frantically ripping through cellophane may soon be a thing of past. Edible packaging is back on the agenda.

A Brazilian burger chain, Bob’s, launched a marketing campaign this week where it replaced plastic wrappers with one that hungry customers can chomp right through.

The attention given to ready-to-eat wrapping has been growing steadily as scientists try to reduce millions of tons of waste. Researchers at Harvard have created a biodegradable membrane dubbed “WikiCells” and Indiana-based company Monosol is developing water-soluble casings for food, similar to ones already used  for detergent.

One man in the UK who is working hard to make edible packaging a reality is Dr Kamal Badiani, who runs Pepceuticals. The Leicestershire firm is developing an invisible film that can be used to coat meat and poultry “a bit like a skin”.

“You just cook the meat as you would normally,” says Badiani, who has already created the prototype. “It’s completely tasteless.”

McDonald’s, however, seems unlikely to offer its support. According to a spokesperson, edible packaging “is not something we’ve ever looked into or are considering for the future”.