Food: Fillets for females, surely some mis-steak


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The newest addition to London's dining scene, STK, may have no vowels but it certainly has a conceit: it's a steak house for, err, girls.

The sixth location for the chain, and the first outside America, opens its doors on The Strand on 4 December and will retain both the tasteful look of its American counterparts – plaster-cast horns, black platform seats and a black gloss and cream paint job – and its "female-friendly mindset". What exactly is a female-friendly steak house? It appears that feminising the macho world of the steak house involves offering small, medium and large cuts of meat and, sharp intake of breath, offering "naturally raised options and market-fresh fish entrées". Because, y'know, the ladies love that stuff.

Whether they will also love the sexualised pictures of rouged lips and steak on the website and the restaurants' not-so-feminist tagline – "not your daddy's steakhouse" – remains, as yet, to be seen.