Victoria Beckham walking into a Notting Hill fish and chip shop wearing an £800 pair of knee-high Louboutins, carrying a handbag the size of Guernsey and ordering plaice and chips is a vision so unexpected as to be almost unreal. It's like finding the Princess Royal going through your bins.

And yet the Spice Girl-turned-fashion designer was pictured doing just that on Monday night, treating son Cruz to an after-school dinner from Royal Fish Bar in Notting Hill. Since the Beckhams are new to the area, having recently returned from LA, they can be excused for eschewing The Sea Shell of Lisson Grove, that part of town's "celebrity fish diner", in favour of this jolly, clean chippy.

What of the food then? I headed out of Trending's offices into the drizzle of Kensington Church Street and up to 24a Notting Hill Gate, where I ordered the plaice and chips. "No plaice, I'm afraid, sir," the man at the counter told me. There were chips, however. And not bad chips either. They could have done with seeing the oil for a second or two longer but they tasted relatively fresh and had a not-too-bad crisp to them.

Whether they fit with Victoria's purported alkaline diet I cannot say – but they certainly helped me summon the moral reserves to walk out into the drizzle and back to the office.