Brits are twice as likely to favour savoury foods to sweet

A pint and a pack of twiglets. Two things you don't tend to associate with ice cream.

Foodies have the chance to confuse their taste buds when one central London shop opens its doors today. The Jacob’s #SnackHappy Savoury Ice Cream Parlour offers all of the elements of traditional British summer snacks. There are six flavours on offer: Blue Cheese & Jacob’s Cream Cracker; Mini Cheddar Chutney; Tangy Tomato Sorbet; A Pint of Ale & a Packet of Twiglets; Avocado Crunch and Salmon & Chive.

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The launch comes after discovering that Brits are twice as likely to favour savoury foods to sweet. Ted Linehan, United Biscuits Savoury Director, said:

“Cones, 99s, ice cream sandwiches - they’re all part of the Great British Summer Experience, and now those who like their snacks savoury can enjoy them all in a tasty new way.”

Savoury ice cream is one thing, but could the really extreme flavours from around the world take off in the UK? A scoop of crocodile egg-flavoured ice cream? A horsemeat cone? A dollop of shark fin?