One in 100 Britons suffer from coeliac disease.

Gregg's bakery is planning to trial a new range of gluten-free products in their stores.

At the moment, coeliac sufferers are unlikely to find much at the popular bakery they can eat - pastry, bread, pizza, pasta, cakes and biscuits all contain gluten.

A Gregg's spokesperson told the Independent: “We are in the early stages of looking into trialling a selection of gluten-free products in some of our shops.”

According to research by the University of Nottingham, one in 100 Britons are diagnosed with coeliac disease.

As a result, 200 of the 20,000 people working for Greggs would statistically be coeliac. 

If untreated, the disease can cause infertility, osteoporosis and bowel cancer.