Mateus makes comeback with new rosé but same bottle

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For years, its bulbous green bottle was associated with 1970s dinner parties and flared trousers but Mateus, the once unfashionable Portuguese rosé, is making a comeback with the launch of its first new variety in 60 years.

Mateus rosé Tempranillo goes on sale later this month on the back of increasing rosé wine sales that have seen the market value grow from £114m to £200m in the past three years.

The Tempranillo is aimed at wine drinkers in their twenties, especially young women, who have been drinking more rosé in the past few years.

The new variety is a deeper shade of pink than the original but comes in the same shaped bottle, now made of clear glass.

It is part of an effort by old world producers such as Portugal, France, Spain and Italy to reclaim a market that was once theirs but has been taken over by US firms such as Diageo.

Paul Evans, senior product manager for Mateus Rose at First Drinks Brands, said the new wine was aimed at "cash rich, time poor" young professionals.