The back McRib has been knocked back until December


A leaked memo from McHQ has riled McDonald's fans in the US: the arrival of the McRib (an occasional addition to the standard Maccy D menu) on American menus has been knocked back until December this year. Apparently the men in grey want an end-of-year sales uplift.

Still, disenchanted Americans can console themselves that they have it pretty good when it comes to other seasonal fare from the Golden Arches. They will be offered a Cheddar Bacon Onion Angus Burger, and then early next year, Fish McBites, the sister snack of last year's smash, the Chicken McBite.

But even that roster is eclipsed by the offering elsewhere. In Austria, you can pick up a McNoodle; in India, a McAloo Tikki Burger; and in China next week – a pair of black and white "yin and yang" burgers.