Modelling: From restaurant to runway


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It is one of those threadbare clichés: lunch and modelling doesn’t mix. Well, at the Next Models agency they certainly do; in fact Next Models in New York might now be the place to find the best lunches and dinners in the world.

Having tarted up its website, Next Models has included a chef’s division, alongside the more traditional model and “talent” (read: does TV, as well as mannequin work).

April Bloomfield of  the Spotted Pig tops the  list along with other well-known American celebrity chefs Tom Colicchio and David Burke.

The change has come because of the integration of Two Twelve Management, a chef talent agency, which Next purchased in 2011 and has only just got round to integrating fully it into  the firm.

A new musicians division also nestles up by the chefs’ bit, with Lana del Rey and Professor Green signed up.

Whether any of these luminaries of kitchen or stage will be partaking in the traditional 5pm telephone check-in to see what jobs they have the next day remains to be seen.