Nostalgia is in the pink: The return of Funny Feet ice-creams

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It was the pink foot on a stick that the Eighties forgot, but now Funny Feet, the cult children's ice-cream, is making a comeback.

The strawberry-flavoured lollies are being brought back after an online poll revealed that they were the most-wanted "dormant" brand in Britain.

Wall's reproduction of the Eighties favourite will be in supermarkets from tomorrow and will be launched in shops a week later. Its producers found the original mould after hunting through factories in Europe, but have updated the packaging.

The pastel pink ice-cream was singled out after a poll in The Grocer magazine. More than 6,000 people voted on Facebook for the strawberry-flavoured feet, beating other forgotten brands such as Fish'n'Chips biscuits, Vim scouring powder and Toffo sweets.

Production of the ice-cream ended in the UK in the early Nineties, though in Europe it is still made under the brand Frigo Pie. Robert Opie, the founder and director of the Museum of Brands in London, said the relaunch was a sign of the growing market for nostalgia products in Britain: "It has become more of a phenomenon in recessionary times, because we hark back to our childhood, when we didn't have financial worries because we left that to our parents."

Noel Clarke, the brand-building director for ice-cream at Unilever, said: "There wasn't a conscious decision to get rid of Funny Feet. It was just pushed out by innovation – the Nineties saw the launch of Magnum and Solero."

If Funny Feet sell well, the company plans to relaunch its chocolate-flavoured counterpart, Freaky Feet, in 2014.