Restaurant workers reveal their most disgusting experiences at work

'When they make me clean toilets at work, I use the same towel to clean the tables'

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Restaurant employees have lifted the lid on what it is really like to work in catering.

Taking to Whisper, an anonymous app for people to share their most candid thoughts, restaurant staff have dished out anecdotes of the most disgusting things they have seen in their job.

From the mildly revolting, such as dropping bread rolls and not cleaning table clothes, to the utterly nauseating, such as serving mouldy food, some of their confessions might easily be described as stomach-churning.  

Some revelations are rather unappetising:

I'm a waiter and when a customer asks me to fix their food again, I just microwave it, and I give it back to them. I ask them how the food is, they say it's so much better. -_-


I work at a restaurant & more than once I've dropped bread rolls on the floor and still served them


I work at a restaurant and I've never once seen our tablecloths washed


I work as a server and the 5 second rule applies at work the same as it does at home

Others are especially sickening:

At the restaurant where I work, we don't clean the silverware. We just spray it with water until food comes off.


I touch customers' food all the time with dirty hands from the kitchen- nasty dishes, the floor, door handles, who cares.


I'm a server and one time I stuck my tongue in a guy's juice to see if it went bad in the fridge. He drank all of it afterwards.

And these are just plain dangerous:

When they make me clean toilets at work I use the same towel to clean the tables!! I'm a server not a toilet scrubber!


the restaurant where I work has served moldy food.  i'm scared if I say something I'll get fired.


I'm going to my job today with contagious strep throat because no one can cover my shift. I work at a restaurant. Every server I know has been forced to work while sick. Yum.