Pot Noodle: the snack equivalent of 'Zoo' magazine


Pot Noodle, the instant noodle "dish" from Unilever, has never bothered the female market too much before. Coming in such delightful flavours such as Doner Kebab, Bombay Bad Boy and Sticky Rib, it's the snack equivalent of Zoo magazine; women wouldn't be caught dead with it. (Look, I'm not saying I've never bought one, but I think we can agree who they are targeted at).

Yet Batchelors seem to think women will chow down on noodle snacks with the nutritional value of a secondhand book. So it has launched Deli Box Noodles, not dissimilar to a Pot Noodle, but because they have a picture of fresh vegetables on the pack and include the word "deli", it reckons women will think they're healthy.

At least Pot Noodle had the candour to position itself as rather less worthy fare.