Starbucks launches coffee that 'tastes like Guinness' for autumn in US

'Dark Barrel Latte' is being tested in some states and has not come to Britain

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Starbucks has created a coffee that tastes like Guinness for autumn but is trying out the invention on customers in the US before bringing it to British – or Irish – shores.

Stout and coffee purists are unlikely to be impressed by the “Dark Barrel Latte”, which does not contain alcohol.

According to a leaflet sent to staff piloting the drink in America, it “highlights chocolatey dark caramel and toasty stout flavours” and is topped with whipped cream and sauce.

“Inspired by the rise of craft beers, Dark Barrel brings together toasty malt and chocolatey tastes topped with sweet dark caramel drizzle,” says the leaflet, which was published on Reddit.

“This sophisticated combination offers a delicious complexity that builds with every sip.”

Anyone who prefers their Guinness chilled can also have it iced as a frappuccino.

Starbucks is known for its wintry flavoured drinks, including gingerbread, eggnog and toffee nut lattes in the UK.

The Dark Barrel Latte may be an experiment too far and there has been a mixed reaction among people posting on Twitter.

One fan described it as “cozy but not sweet – like a bonfire on a chilly autumn night” but another taster said it was “horrid”.

The drink is only currently available in Ohio, Columbus and Florida.