Starbucks to sell alcohol– if you're an Americano

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The world's largest coffee chain already boasts that it offers 87,000 different drink combinations. Now alongside the soy lattes, caramel frappuccinos and espresso con pannas, Starbucks is to begin offering a more potent option.

Yesterday the Seattle-based coffee house announced it was to introduce beer and wine to stores across the US.

The roll out of "adult" products, which has already been successfully trialled in its stronghold in the Pacific North-west, is designed to give the company a slice of the growing early evening market when drinkers are looking to unwind rather than get a buzz on. It is part of a trend in the US as other food giants, such as Burger King, have begun serving alcohol to happy-hour diners.

But the new offering has not gone down well with everyone. Doug Tanaka, 48, a police officer who lives in Valencia, California, told the Los Angeles Times: "I bring my grandkids in here. I don't want to have to deal with a drunk if I'm having coffee."

Those hoping for something a little stronger at Starbucks' 757 outlets in the UK and Ireland will have to stick to the existing menu.A spokeswoman said there were "no plans" to introduce alcohol this side of the Atlantic.