Start spreading the news, cheese and chocolate don't mix

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Would you? Could you? Nigella Lawson's a fan, Jennifer Saunders fronted the online ad campaign but we're not convinced. Chocolate-flavoured Philadelphia? Surely that's the devil's dairy product.

But Philly has form with cream-cheese witchcraft – witness its sweet chilli version. The Cadbury's-infused spread launched last month and Kraft, makers of the monstrous mash-up, knew it would have a hard sell on its hands so shot a video of our concerns ("Chocolate and cheese? I can feel my throat closing up just trying to say those words!").

But Nigella's tweeted a picture of her breakfast bagel this week smothered in it. Madness or genius?

Well, it tastes like chocolate cheesecake, which many believe is a good thing. But we must fight this dangerous breaking down of barriers or face more insane creations.

Stilton Angel Delight, anyone?