Trending: Chocoholics get a shrinking feeling


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In this age of obesity, McVitie's decision to reduce the amount of saturated fat in its digestive biscuits is to be applauded. But a report in The Mail on Sunday suggests many consumers are upset that the new recipe is less tasty and the biscuits more brittle than their predecessors.

McVitie's is not the first manufacturer whose attempt to comply with Government flab-fighting guidelines has fallen foul of snack-food fans. One noticeable technique is known as the "grocery shrink ray".

Mars was accused of using this tactic when, in trying to meet its own tough calorie-counting measures, it reduced the size of Mars bars rather than change the ingredients. But as the product got smaller, the price stayed the same.

However, the GSR isn't acceptable everywhere. Earlier this year, the United Arab Emirates government – citing violations of consumer protection laws – removed cans of Coca-Cola and Pepsi from shops after the companies reduced their can sizes but kept the same prices.