Chef Rene Redzepi at his restaurant Noma in Copenhagen / Reuters


At a loss as what to do with that money you put aside for Olympics tickets? If you're at all interested in food, you might want to use a couple of hundred quid (that would have been what, row 17 at the diving quarter finals?) on a five-course tasting menu when Noma comes to Claridges on 28 July for 10 days.

If you're not quite that interested in food, let me explain. Noma, in Copenhagen, currently holds the Best Restaurant in the World award; Claridges is London's hotel of choice for the world's most chic celebrities. The coming-together of this much fabulousness is causing a stir amongst foodies, and for once a pop-up is rightly cause for buzz.

This is not least because even though it'll cost you £195 to eat the challenging, unusual fare of chef Rene Redzepi, it's still cheaper than flying to Denmark (and that's supposing you could ever get a table ). And dinner will last longer than our chances in the 100 metres...

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