Nigella Quick Collection iPhone application launched by British celebrity chef Nigella Lawson and Random House on April 20 is already ranked the #1 paid lifestyle application in the United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand.

Lawson's application offers her indulgent recipes with how-to videos and the voice control feature can free your hands to get messy in the kitchen in real time for €5.99. The novel voice feature is also found in fellow chef Jamie Oliver's app, 20 minute meals, €5.99.

However her application has not yet attained the number one place all over the world; in France, Nigella Quick Collection is not in the top 20 and #1 goes to the Michelin Guide France 2010, €7.99, and in the United States the #1 spot goes to another new app How to Cook Everything, €1.59, that launched on April 17, and Nigella's app currently ranks #14.

For more information on Nigella Quick Collection iPhone application go to: All the applications can be purchased via the iTunes app store.