Own part of a restaurant for $500

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Mission Street Food (MSF), a two-day charitable restaurant in San Francisco, announced an innovative plan to expand into a full-time charitable restaurant by getting 100 investors to give $500.


On MSF’s blog, there is a cooperative business plan explaining that if 100 investors come forward from any where in the world, then the group will seek legal counsel, and begin fund raising activities. Other than being able to boast to friends that you own a restaurant, investors will receive annual dividends with a projected return on investment of 14%. Best part is joining the venture is risk-free; if the restaurant doesn’t open all funds will be returned in full.

Non-profit restaurants are a growing trend in the United States; for instance Potager in Texas has no menu and no prices, eat what you like and pay what you think its worth; and A Better World Café in New Jersey has suggested prices, if you pay more it goes to feed the hungry.

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Potager: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/604356

A Better World Café: http://www.betterworldcafe.org/