Power to the toon: sandwich chain to change cheese layering

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Effective July 1, Subway franchises worldwide are to "appropriately tessellate" the cheese on their subs nearly three years after the Australian blog Left-handed toons (by right-handed people) sent their cartoon-style open-letter to Subway illustrating a request for such layering.

On May 24th, the revised blog Left-handed toons (typed entirely with two hands!) declared "Cheesey Victory" without any direct response to the open-letter toon.

Apparently Subway has just produced a manual, according to a post on user-generated content site Reddit that shows images of an internal Australia/New Zealand Subway newsletter, to assist employees with the new cheese placement procedures. And the post has online commentors typing, "YES! Finally. No longer will that hideous overlap exist." (Yan on May 24)

For those not familiar with the great Subway cheese debate, the triangle cheese slices were originally layered in an overlapping formation and will now be placed in alternating directions to avoid overlapping and gapping to deliver equal cheesy bites.

In addition to the letter, T-shirts were even sold in protest showing the erroneously overlapped cheese "= scam" on the front for $14.40 (€11.86) at https://139362.spreadshirt.com

Many Subways in Canada and Australia have already implemented the changes. Next time you are at a Subway, see if your cheese is tessellated, if not most Subway employees are willing to accommodate your topping requests.

People do impact menu options - McDonald's caters to local markets with special regional tastes and the soft drink Mountain Dew has asked the public to create a new flavor and vote for the best online by June 14 at Dewmocracy.com

To get a better idea of how the cheese will be layed out take a look at the July 14, 2007 open-letter toon: http://www.lefthandedtoons.com/77 and the "Cheesey Victory" via Reddit pics: http://i.imgur.com/zZrOf.jpg