Anchovies on toast

Serves 2-4
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Something as simple as anchovies on toast can be a real treat – but if you buy cheap and nasty anchovies, you're in for a total disappointment. The Spanish are the masters at canning fish and my preference would always be the large Ortiz anchovy fillets in that unmistakeable yellow can. Brindisa ( sell them in their shop in London's Borough Market and you can also buy them in good delis.

2x1cm-thick slices of good-quality bread or sourdough
Softened butter for spreading
1 can of Ortiz or good-quality large anchovies

Toast the bread, butter it and cut it into fingers the same size as the anchovies. Drain the anchovies, reserving the oil for a Caesar salad dressing and lay an anchovy on each finger of toast. Serve immediately.