Baked potatoes with Arenkha

Serves 4
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Now, you must be wondering what on earth Arenkha is – and I'm pleased to say it's a delicious smoked

herring roe, which is a really good and viable ethical alternative to caviar.

Arenkha is produced in Spain with a few other natural flavourings added, and I've used it here in the same way that I use caviar; by combining it with a jacket spud. You can buy Arenkha at Waitrose; it's Marine Stewardship Council-approved and costs £5.99 for 55g.

I like my jacket potatoes to have a nice crisp skin – so I bake them without foil, but that's up to you.

4 large baking potatoes
As much butter as you can manage
2-4tbsp sour cream
120g Arenkha
Salt and freshly ground black pepper

Pre-heat the oven to 200C/gas mark 6. Wash your potatoes and bake them for about 1-1 hours until they are soft, depending on their size.

Cut off about a quarter of the top of the potato and scoop the flesh out into a bowl. Mash as chunky or as smooth as you wish, then mix with as much butter as you like and season to taste.

Refill the skins, pop the top back on and reheat in the oven. Take the top off when ready, spoon in the sour cream, then spoon the Arenkha on top.