Bigoli with anchovies

Serves 4
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For the pasta:

200g of Buckwheat Flour

100g of 00 flour

3 eggs

1 yolk (extra)

Add a little water to your hands. Knead together until well combined, for about 5 mintues. Wrap in a tea towel and let it rest for half an hour.

Push through the bigoli machine to make the fresh pasta. If you don't have a bigoli machine, use whole wheat pasta or spaghetti.

For the sauce:

Half large onion

50g of tinned anchovies (in olive oil), chopped

Handful of chopped parsley

100ml white wine

Chop the onions finely, as fine as possible. Cook the onions in a little olive oil, on low heat for approx 15 minutes until almost falling apart.

Add the chopped anchovies to the onions and crush with the back of a fork. Add the white wine and cook for 5 minutes. Add the cooked pasta to the sauce for 2 minutes. Finally add the chopped parsley, mix in and serve.