Serves 4

This is a version of the Fernandez and Wells sandwich that I was scoffing the other week on my way through Soho. The quality of the black pudding is crucial as that cardboard-like stuff with the texture of sawdust just won't work.

8 baps or rolls or 8 slices of sourdough
Softened butter
6 duck's eggs, boiled for 5 minutes, then refreshed in cold water and peeled
4-6tbsp good-quality mayonnaise
Salt and freshly ground black pepper
400-450g good-quality black pudding
Vegetable or corn oil for frying

Slice the black pudding into 1cm-thick slices if they are the large cylinder types or into 2 or 3 lengthways if they are the Bury-style puddings.

Chop the duck's eggs and mix with a good amount of mayonnaise and season well. Pan-fry the black pudding for about 2-3 minutes on each side.

Spread the butter on to the bread then spoon the egg mayonnaise on to one half with the black pudding on top and the other half of the bread on top.

Give the bread a light toasting on each side and serve.