Don't forget to experiment with spices

The origination of the Bloody Mary is contented, but possibly links back to 20 Century Hollywood star George Jessel, who also may have named the drink.

The idea of a perfect Bloody Mary can be as personal as the Martini. Number one, experiment with spices! Hot, sweet, tangy, Christmas, amalgamating - all of these different groups of spices add character to your cocktail.

Use savoury produce with low water content such as beetroots to bring more flavour to the drink and using citrus such as orange instead of lemon can create a lighter, more refreshing style of Bloody Mary. Most importantly, start with a good base - your vodka should have character, mouthfeel and be sip-able on its own.

50ml  Vodka

80ml fresh-pressed savoury juice blend (tomato, carrot, beetroot)

10ml lemon juice

‘Mortar-and-pestled’ spice mix (white pepper, anise, cloves, sea salt)

Garnished ornately with aromatic and edible herbs