Serves 4-6

Botarga is dried grey mullet roe and, although considered a second-division fish in the UK, it is a highly-prized ingredient in Italy and Greece. I had this dip a while back, on holiday in St Tropez. I bought it from a local deli to snack on one night with drinks and absolutely loved it. You can use the dried Italian botarga for this, or the soft Greek botarga.

6tbsp good-quality mayonnaise
3tbsp Greek yoghurt
1tbsp dried botarga powder, or the equivalent of grated, or about 30-40g of soft Greek botarga
The juice of half a lemon
A good pinch or two of cayenne pepper

Mix all of the ingredients together and add the lemon juice to taste and leave in the fridge overnight.

If you are using the soft Greek botarga, then just mush it up with a fork or blend it with a little of the yoghurt.