Serves 4

Brik à l’oeuf is a delicious North African turnover and one of my favourite breakfast dishes, although it often gets served as a starter in Tunisia.

This variation works very well with sprouting or normal broccoli and children invariably fall for the the gooey mozzarella inside.

Warka pastry is traditionally used in this dish, but it can be tricky to get hold of – filo pastry works just as well and can be bought in ready sheets from any supermarket.

150g sprouting or normal broccoli, cooked
100-150g mozzarella
4 sheets of filo pastry, cut into 30cm squares
Olive oil for frying

Chop up the broccoli and season and break the mozzarella into small pieces.

Heat a little olive oil in a heavy or non-stick frying pan, lay a sheet of the filo in the pan, overlapping the edges, and put a quarter of the broccoli and mozzarella just off the centre of the filo; fold it in half into a triangle.

Fry for a few minutes until crisp, then flip it over and fry the other side |until crisp.

Do the same with the other 4 sheets |of filo pastry, keeping them warm in |the oven until they are all cooked. Serve immediately.