Brown shrimp patties with fried quails' eggs

Makes 12 little snacks
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Brown shrimps are a unique shellfish that have many uses beyond potted shrimps.

100g peeled brown shrimps
3tbsp chopped chives
2tbsp Dove's Farm gluten-free self-raising flour
Salt and freshly ground black pepper
Cold water to mix
12 quails' eggs
Vegetable or corn oil for frying

Put the shrimps and chives in a bowl with the flour and add enough water to make a fairly stiff batter; season well. Test a teaspoonful by heating a little oil

in a frying pan and dropping the mixture in to make a flat pattie, fry for a minute or so on each side until crisp, then test the seasoning and re-season and adjust the consistency if necessary.

Cook 12 flat patties as above using a dessert spoon and get them as crisp as possible.

To cook the quails' eggs, crack them into little pots, gently heat the oil in a preferably non-stick frying pan, carefully tip them into the pan and cook them on a low heat until just set. Serve an egg on each pattie.