Celebrity square meals: Harry Hill's banana custard

Serves 4
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I've had a lifelong interest in bananas, the foremost comedy fruit with a notoriously slippery skin. Where would we be without them, rich as they are in potassium? Their curved shape allows them to be conveniently stored in the glove compartment or backward facing trouser pocket, or towelling jacket.

I was approached by AgroFair, the fruit wing of Fairtrade, and some weeks later I found myself up the Volta. Why? Because I'm kind, work with animals, and my brother is an organic farmer in Devon. I went to Ghana to visit a banana plantation, and saw cocoa plantations where they make the Comic Relief chocolate bars. I saw the good that Fairtrade does - the nurse tending to all those people slipping on banana skins.

Once you've been and seen the plantations it's difficult not to think Fairtrade is a good thing. It has been such a huge success. Three or four years ago you could get only bananas and coffee; now there are thousands of things and all the supermarkets have them.

I wouldn't say what I do is cooking - it's more reheating. We take it in turns and always have a Sunday roast; that's probably my signature dish. I like the idea of cooking and we've got hundreds of cookery books but never open them.

Banana custard

1 tin instant custard powder
3 Fairtrade bananas
1 bar Fairtrade milk chocolate such as Divine

Take the tin of instant custard and make up some hot custard as instructed. To this add three bananas sliced to thickness of one pound coins.

If you're having friends round crumble a Flake - or better still grate a Fairtrade milk chocolate bar such as Dubble or Divine - on the top.

Hey presto - banana custard.

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