Celebrity square meals: Spicy Caribbean tuna by the R&B star Lisa Maffia

Serves 2
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I'm not a health geek, so I hope this dish doesn't have to be that kind of thing. In fact, my recipe probably isn't all that great for you, but it tastes really good and it's quick and easy to cook, and that's what's important for me.

I'm not sure where I got this recipe from, to be honest, but I reckon it must be something I came up with myself. It's definitely Jamaican-influenced - I love spicy food. And though I don't really like much fish, I do like tuna, so that's the main ingredient.

The tuna means this pasta dish is a good way to fill up fast, which is perfect for me at the moment because I'm right in the middle of three months of constant training for The Games, the Channel 4 show - it's not like I'd imagined at all. I've got to go curling now, which, I've found out, I'm actually really pretty good at.

One small can of tuna chunks in sunflower oil
A handful of sweetcorn
Some hot chilli sauce from a bottle
Some hot barbecue sauce from a bottle
Fresh black pepper
200g dried fusilli pasta twists

Put the tuna into a pan with no extra oil. Add the corn and a lot of black pepper. Then, mix together half a cupful of the two sauces. Start with the barbecue sauce and add the chilli sauce (I use Encona Hot Pepper Sauce) until the vinegary smell goes away. Add to the pan and cook for 15 minutes, until it goes a kind of dark brown. Meanwhile, boil and drain the pasta. Mix the two and voilà.

'The Games: Athletes in Training' starts on E4 on 4 March, repeated on C4 on 21 March. 'The Games' starts on Channel 4 on 25 March