Serves 4 as an accompaniment

Celeriac, like beetroot, is a root vegetable that's usually cooked. It discolours very quickly when peeled, so dress it immediately. This method, common in France, especially in many of the Parisian brasseries, means it keeps its crunch. Remoulade is a French culinary term that refers to a mayonnaise-like dressing flavoured with mustard. It sometimes consists of a sauce made with capers, anchovies, parsley and spring onions and emulsified with mayonnaise and mustard. Celeriac remoulade is a great match for cold meats, smoked fish or in a selection of salads.

500g celeriac, peeled and finely shredded or grated
5-6tbsp good quality mayonnaise
1-2tbsp Dijon mustard, depending on your taste
Salt and freshly ground black pepper

Mix the celeriac with the mayonnaise and mustard and season to taste with salt and pepper.