Serves 4

I know raspberries are out of season, but you might just have a few frozen ones left over in the freezer. This dessert is dead simple to make and it's full of flavour. You can use any soft fruit really, but raspberries are associated with Scotland and their size and sweetness are perfect. I did try using Drambuie instead of whisky since I had some lying around in my larder (it's not my drink of choice), and it worked pretty well. I've used this recipe occasionally as a breakfast dish and replaced some of the cream with yoghurt for a less rich result.

60g medium oatmeal
150g raspberries
600ml double cream
4tbsp runny honey
4tbsp malt whisky

Scatter the oatmeal on a baking tray and toast in a low oven or under a medium grill until golden. You'll have to watch it closely or it may burn.

Blend 50g of the raspberries in a liquidiser until smooth. Whip the double cream until stiff, then stir in the honey and whisky and mix well but do not over-whip. Fold in 50g of the oatmeal, then carefully fold in the raspberry purée to form a rippled effect.

Spoon the mixture into glass coupes or a serving dish, then scatter the rest of the raspberries and oatmeal on top.