Serves 4

The Good Veal Campaign is currently promoting a different kind of veal to that produced in the UK before the crate system was banned in 1990 - where the calves are properly reared and killed. The classic dish of veal escalope or schnitzel with a fried egg, capers and anchovy fillets was named after Count Holstein, foreign minister under Bismarck. OK, so it's not a dish from home turf, but it's a really nostalgic culinary classic, and in fact the veal f does come from this country. It's a rarity to find home-grown veal these days, as much of the veal on the market comes from Holland. The Dutch veal is very pale, whereas our home-reared veal is darker, sweeter and more full-flavoured. My veal came from Ben's Brothers Farm's local Ayrshire veal bull calves (on sale through and occasionally at Farmer Sharpe's stall in Borough Market).

4 veal escalopes, weighing about 120-140g each and batted out slightly
Salt and freshly ground black pepper
2-3tbsp flour
1 egg, beaten with a little milk
50-60g fresh white breadcrumbs
4-5tbsp vegetable or corn oil
150g butter
4 medium eggs
3tbsp capers, rinsed
8 anchovy fillets, halved lengthways
1tbsp chopped parsley

Season the veal escalopes, lightly coat them first in flour, then the beaten egg and finally the breadcrumbs. Heat half of the vegetable oil in a large frying pan and cook the escalopes a couple at a time, depending on the size of the pan, for 2-3 minutes on each side until golden, adding a knob of butter to the pan towards the end of cooking. Remove from the pan and keep warm in a low oven.

Meanwhile lightly fry the eggs. In a separate pan, melt the remaining butter with the capers and add the parsley.

To serve, top each escalope with a fried egg, arrange the anchovies on the egg and spoon over the butter and capers.