Golden tomatoes with feta, olives and basil

Serves 4
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Golden tomatoes are now quite common in good supermarkets and greengrocers and can be used to make a great starter for a dinner party. I've been growing the small-leaved Greek or bush basil: it's much more robust and easier to grow than the larger-leaved variety and keeps going through the summer, however much you snip and trim it.

4-6 large ripe golden tomatoes
16 or so good-quality black olives
150-160g good-quality feta cheese (at room temperature)
A few sprigs of Greek basil
A couple of tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil
Sea salt and freshly ground black pepper

Cut the tomatoes into cm-thick slices and arrange on individual serving dishes (or 1 large one) and lightly season. Break the feta into chunks and arrange on the tomatoes with the black olives. Spoon over the olive oil and scatter the basil over.