Grapefruit Julep

Serves 4
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50ml Finlandia Grapefruit or regular vodka (optional)
pink grapefruit
10ml honey syrup
6 mint leaves

Juice all three fruits with a citrus juicer and transfer the juice to a cocktail shaker. Add the vodka and honey syrup. To make this, mix three parts honey with one part cold water and stir. Place the mint leaves in the shaker, fill with ice and shake hard. Strain over crushed ice and garnish with an expressed mint sprig and pink grapefruit wedge. These flavours work brilliantly together and make a wonderful non-alcoholic cocktail (with the vodka omitted).

In the quest for 'toxin neutrality' we have endeavoured to maximise the health benefits of freshly juiced fruit, the antioxidants in mint and the lower GI of wildflower honey. People are often afraid of pomegranates, thinking them fiddly, but treat them as a citrus fruit and juice accordingly – it works really well.