Grilled lamb's liver, Treviso and pomegranate salad

Serves 4
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You may find this an odd combination but the bitterness of the leaves works in perfect harmony with the liver and pomegranates.

I always buy a whole lamb's liver and clean it and slice it myself as the pre-sliced stuff tends to be all shapes and sizes and this way you can keep what's left for another meal. If you can't find spindly Treviso, then a couple of heads of radicchio will do the trick.

1 lamb's liver, cleaned of all sinew and sliced into cm slices
Salt and freshly ground black pepper
A little vegetable oil
1 or 2 heads of Treviso, stalk trimmed, washed and dried
1 large pomegranate, halved, seeds scooped out and juice reserved

For the dressing

The juice from the pomegranate
1tbsp good-quality red wine vinegar
3tbsp extra-virgin olive oil

Pre-heat a ribbed griddle pan or heavy-based frying pan. Season the liver and lightly oil it. Mix the ingredients for the dressing and toss with the Treviso leaves and arrange on plates. Briefly grill the liver for about 30 seconds on each side, arrange on the salad, and scatter over seeds.