Serves 4

6 large shelled scallops, cut in half
30g/1oz oats
25ml/1fl oz each of fresh juice - orange pineapple, grapefruit and grape
50ml/2fl oz natural yoghurt

For the pea cream

125ml/5fl oz vegetable stock
125ml/5fl oz double cream
125g/4oz frozen peas
50ml/2fl oz water

Boil the peas for four minutes. Blitz, pass through a sieve and put to one side to cool.

Place the yoghurt in a squeezy bottle and draw a square on each plate, then divide into four smaller squares. Pour one of each juice in each square and sprinkle with the oats.

Sauté the scallops in a little oil and arrange as a tower of three on a plate in the middle.

Blend the pea mix with the cream and stock. Spoon on top of the scallops and serve.