Kiln-smoked trout with horseradish and cucumber

Serves 2

I was recently sent some great kiln-smoked trout and salmon from RR Spink and sons', the Arbroath smokies producers. It really lends itself to just breaking it on to some freshly toasted bread with a good spoonful of horseradish.

2 slices of sourdough or bloomer
100-120g smoked trout fillets
1-2tbsp horseradish sauce
3cm piece of cucumber, cut into matchstick-like pieces
A few small salad leaves
1tbsp rapeseed oil

Toast the bread on both sides, then spoon over a little rapeseed oil and spread on some horseradish.

Break the trout into pieces and arrange on the toast with the leaves, spooning over the rest of the horseradish.

Season with coarsely ground pepper, add a little rapeseed oil and scatter the cucumbers.